Polar H7 hear rate belt compatible with Concept2 PM5 performance monitor

The Polar H7 chest belt

The Polar H7 chest belt is popular and compatible with the PM5 performance monitor.

You can pair a compatible chest belt to your PM5 and display your heart rate on the monitor. Compatible chest belts with a heart rate transmitter must use ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart (please note that this protocol is different from Bluetooth).

Visit this site for a complete list of PM5 compatible heart rate chest belts.

Knowing your heart rate zones can make your training more effective

Your Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) is the span between your resting and maximum heart range. The beats per minute values are dependant of your age and fitness.

  1. Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) – is approx. 220 minus your age
  2. Resting Heart Rate (RHR) –  take your pulse first thing in the morning
  3. Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) – Maximum Heart Rate minus Resting Heart Rate

Learn how to connect a compatible heart rate monitor belt to your PM5 performance monitor and display your hearts beats per minute.

Aerobic or Anaerobic Training

The heart rate range between resting and maximum pulse can be divided into two types of workouts – aerobic or anaerobic. Depending on your fitness and training intensity your body will switch from aerobic to anaerobic metabolism.

When your body shifts to anaerobic metabolism you have reached the Anaerobic Threshold (AT). This is when lactic acid is produced fast and starts to make you feel a burning muscle pain and fatigue.

  • Aerobic training, is typically 50–79% of your HRR added to your RHR
  • Anaerobic threshold training, is often 80–89% of your HRR added to your RHR
Illustration of the 5 heart rate intensity training zones with comments.

Find your own Training Heart Rate Ranges

For 50-year-old with an RHR of 62 beats per minute these are the typical training values:

  • Max. Heart Rate:
    220 minus 50 = 170 bpm
  • Heart Rate Reserve:
    170 minus Resting Heart Rate 62 = 108 bpm
  • Training heart range for Aerobic Training:
    (50–79%) = 116–147 bpm
  • Training heart range for Anaerobic Threshold Training:
    (80–89%) =148–158 bpm

Here is a link to an online heart rate training zone calculator.