Closeup of the Concept2 PM5 backlit performance monitor on the RowErg®.

PM5 Performance Monitor Manuals
(PDF Guides in English and Multi-Language).

The 3 Main Buttons Quick Guide

The PM5 includes a built-in workout library which contains a range of different workouts.

The backlit PM 5 performance monitor turns on automatically when you start to row or press Menu.

Your results are saved automatically if you row longer than 1 minute. The results are stored in the internal memory – or in the USB LogBook if an USB flash memory stick is attached on the back.

The PM5 has three main buttons at the bottom of the monitor, from left to right:

  1. Units – Push at any time to change the display units between meters, pace, watts, or calories.
  2. Display – Push at any time to change the display between all data, force curve, paceboat, bar chart, or large print.
  3. Menu – Push to access all features or go back in the menu structure levels. Press several times to return home to the main menu.

The 5 Select Menu Buttons

The right side stacked smaller Menu Buttons are used to select between all the monitors features.

The buttons access the Main Menu features:

  1. Just Row
  2. Select Workout
  3. Games
  4. Memory
  5. More Options

Each selected feature has a deeper menu level, and you can navigate through the different levels or settings by pressing the same menu buttons. If you want to go back a level, just press the bigger menu button once.

How master the PM5 Performance Monitor

This brief video is an introduction on how to use the backlit PM5 Performance Monitor on the black Concept2 RowErg® (Model D) Indoor Rowing Machine. Learn how to use the five standard workouts or program your own workouts.

The well-known Concept2 Model D and Model E have been renamed “RowErg,” effective April 2021. The only difference is the new name and machine graphics.

The PM5 Performance Monitor was first released in 2014.

The firmware, which is the embedded computer program running on your Performance Monitor, receives free updates at regular intervals. It is essential to keep your PM5 firmware updated to ensure optimal performance and to benefit from any new features and improvements.

Selecting Workouts on the PM5 Performance Monitor

  1. Select the “Workouts” option on the PM5 Performance Monitor.
  2. Select the “Standard” tab to view a list of pre-programmed workouts.
  3. Use the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the workouts.
  4. Press the “Select” button to select the desired workout.
  5. Adjust the settings to meet your preferences.
  6. Press the “Start” button to start the workout.

Standard List

  • 2000m
  • 5000m
  • 10000m
  • 30:00
  • 500m/1:00r

The PM5 Performance Monitor offers a wide variety of pre-programmed Standard Workouts.

These workouts are designed to provide users with a challenging and effective workout. The Standard Workouts cover many different types of workout activities

Custom List

  • :30/:30r
  • v1:00/1:00r…7
  • v2000m/3:00r…4
  • v1:40/:20r…9
  • 42,195m

*(v=Work, r=Rest, …digit=Laps)

The PM5 Performance Monitor also offers a wide variety of custom workouts. These workouts can be tailored to the user’s preferences and goals. The user can adjust the settings of the custom workout to meet their needs, such as duration, intensity, and type of activity.

The custom workouts provide users with the ability to track their progress and create a more personalized workout routine.

You can replace the 5 custom listings with your own favorite workouts.


The PM5 Performance Monitor also offers a wide variety of ReRow workouts. These workouts are designed to help improve rowing technique and performance.

The ReRow workouts are divided into four categories: technique, strength, endurance and interval. Each category provides the user with a different type of workout designed to improve their rowing technique and performance.

The ReRow workouts provide users with the ability to track their progress and create a more personalized rowing routine.

New Workout

  • Single Distance
  • Single Time
  • Intervals: Distance
  • Intervals: Time
  • Intervals: Variable

The PM5 Performance Monitor also offers a New Workout feature. This feature allows users to create custom workouts tailored to their individual needs and preferences. This feature allows users to adjust settings such as duration, intensity, and type of activity.

The New Workout also offers a variety of pre-programmed workouts that can be adjusted to the user’s needs. The new feature provides users with the ability to track their progress and create a more personalized workout routine.

Improve Your Rowing Skills with Training Games on the PM5 Performance Monitor

The PM5 Performance Monitor gives you real-time feedback on your rowing technique, so you can identify areas for improvement and make the necessary adjustments to become a better rower.

With the games feature, you can also make rowing more engaging and enjoyable, with visual feedback and an exciting challenge to help you stay motivated.

The Fish Game on the Concept 2 PM5 performance monitor.

Fish Game

A rowing game with the goal of getting points by eating the smaller fish and avoiding the larger predators is the aim.

You modulate your rowing intensity to move up and down in the stream of fish that swims toward you.

Each game lasts four minutes and reveals your score, making it a fun game for all ages.

The Dart Game on the PM5 performance monitor.


The darts game is about maintaining consistency in your stroke rate per minute (tempo) and pace (intensity/power output, or speed in minutes per 500 meters).

You begin the game by setting a target stroke rate and pace with your first five strokes. Each game consists of 300 darts, with bulls-eyes granting 50 points, and the next three rings worth 25, 10, and 5 points, respectively.

Slowing or quickening your pace and stroke rate will cause your dart to fly higher or lower.

A perfect game is 15,000 points.

The Target Game on the PM5 performance monitor.

Target Training

This game is similar to Darts, but it differs by having two play modes: Just Play or Advanced.

Just Play: Your first five strokes define your target Stroke Rate and Pace. You can row for as long as you want and your success in keeping a constant tempo and pace is measured in a Score %.

Advanced: You preset the duration, a target Stroke Rate, and Pace before each game. Your first five strokes allow you to get into the target pace and tempo before the duration timer counts down.

A perfect score is 100%.

PM5 – Setting up a Race wirelessly.


This game menu makes it possible to set up a race between up to eight rowing machines with PM5 performance monitors connected via standard Ethernet cables (RJ45).

For a formal race with more than eight monitors and an audience display, a PC with racing software (such as Venue Race Application or RowPro) is needed. These monitors can be connected via Ethernet or USB cables.

Read more about Racing with PM5s.

The Biathlon race on the PM5 performance monitor.


Biathlon gives you the opportunity to combine two sports, with or without a rowing distance penalty. You set up the game by choosing intervals from two to fifteen, the interval rowing distance, and whether to use a penalty or not. Penalty distance can be chosen from none to 250 meters in fifty-meter increments.

  • Without penalty, no penalty distances are added and rest time is undefined up to ten minutes between laps.
  • With penalty, penalty distances are added after each lap and must be completed before the next one begins. Rest time is defined as the time taken to complete the penalty distance.


(PM5 internal or external USB flash stick)

An USB memory stick from Concept2.

See your previous workouts sorted by type, date and summary. The LogBook data is read from the internal memory or from a USB memory stick if attached to the back of the monitor.

The workout details include total time, split times, meters, pace (time per 500 meter), stroke rate per minute, heart rate per minute (if compatible wireless heart rate monitor is used).

Note: The PM5 monitor generates a 16-digit verification code based on your workout date, distance and duration making it eligible for recognition as a world record.

How to check your PM5 firmware version.

How to update your PM5 firmware version.

More Options

The “More Options” button on the PM5 Performance Monitor is designed to give users access to additional settings.

Display Drag Factor

When pulling the handle, you can readout a calibrated measure of the fan load. Adjust the Drag Factor by rowing and moving the damper lever (1–10) on the flywheel housing.

Setting 1 will show a Drag Factor of around 90–100 and setting 10 of around 210–220 on a new rower.

It is recommended to set the damper lever between 3–5. Find the damper setting and Drag Factor that works best for you.

Read more about Drag Factor on Concept2 rowing machines.

Connect Heart Rate

A list of compatible types of heart rate belts is shown to select from and pair with the PM5. Active wireless heart rate monitors that are available nearby.

  • Bluetooth Smart
  • ANT+
  • Garmin
  • Suunto


  • Overview
    A description on how to use the monitor
  • PM5 Details
    Information about Buttons, Basic Data, Graphic Displays, Workouts, USB Flash Drive
  • How To Row
    Includes a brief technique lesson and rowing animation
  • Drag Factor
    Explaination about how to adjust the Drag Factor
  • More
    Information about Games, Racing, Battery and Heart Rate


Set Date and Time, Set Language, Adjust Display, Battery (% remaining), Product ID.

*( The Concept2 RowErg rowers serial no. is located on the metal frame front near the fan housing facing down. )