Indoor Rowing is for Everyone

  • Easy and fast to learn – anyone at all ages can do it
  • Suitable for men and women – from beginners to experienced users
  • Perfect for full body workouts at home – using only the rowing machine
  • Independent of weather – no excuses for not training
  • Perfect for short or long workouts – and you control the training intensity
  • Motivating by monitoring your total time, distance, calories, pace and heart rate
Indoor rowing is easy to learn, fun and rewarding. Try the Concept2 RowErg® indoor rower.
Workouts on the Concept2 RowErg® is low impact and can be done with both low and high intensity.

Rowing is Low Impact Full Body Workout

  • Exercising 84% of your muscles by working all major muscle groups
  • Great cardio-respiratory training – in different heart rate zones
  • Low impact on your knees and joints – even for those who are severely overweight
  • A potential high calorie-burning activity – great for weight loss goals
  • Good for your general health and fitness
  • Great training for competitive rowing on water or in ergometer
  • Effective additional training for other sports
  • A possible rehabilitation aid with guidance from a specialist / doctor
Indoor rowing is good for health and general fitness.

Physical Benefits from Rowing

  • Feeling good and lowering your risks of many diseases
  • Improvement of your strength and endurance
  • Improve your cardio-respiratory fitness
  • Will shape and tone your body and give a better posture
  • Reduces stress