A beginner’s view on starting with indoor rowing

Please see this sweet little video about a beginner’s enthusiasm and experiences with getting into indoor rowing. Enjoy!

Learn how to choose a rowing machine that match your needs and budget.

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The black Concept2 RowErg® with PM5 backlit performance monitor.

The Concept2 RowErg® (Model D) with PM5 performance monitor is a great investment

I bet you won’t regret it! In the long run, it pays to invest in a high-quality product with a large fan base. The second-hand price is relatively high, so it’s a safe investment if you decide to sell it again.

Remember, you get free shipping at Amazon, and there’s no interest if paid in full within 12 months with the Amazon.com Store Card. I you watch my unboxing video, you can save 100$ by not needing expert assisting to assemble your RowErg.

Lightweight synthetic sports clothing is ideal for indoor rowing.

Clothing for indoor rowing

I recommend using lightweight synthetic clothing with some kind of moisture-wicking or fast-drying technology instead of cotton. When exercising, you sweat a lot, so this material provides better drying and a more comfortable feel. Whether you prefer tight or loose fit is up to you. Clothing with short legs and arms provides better air circulation. Running tights work well. Wash your clothes immediately after use to prevent them from smelling.

Make sure that your rowing clothes are not too loose or long so that they risk being caught under the sliding seat rollers.

A nice water bottle is essential when rowing with high intensity.

Remember to stay hydrated – buy a water bottle!

When rowing with high intensity or for a longer duration, you must compensate for the liquid you lose when sweating heavily.

This Nalgene Sustain water bottle is the perfect way to stay hydrated on the go. It is made from BPA-free material, making it safe and durable. Its leak-proof design ensures that your beverage won’t leak or spill. The electric blue color adds a splash of fun to your daily routine. The wide-mouth design allows for easy filling and cleaning, and is also found with a narrow mouth. This reusable bottle is perfect for the beach, gym, or a hike. Stay hydrated and sustainable with this Nalgene Sustain water bottle, made with material derived from 50% plastic waste.

Polar H7 hear rate belt compatible with Concept2 PM5 performance monitor

Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor

The Polar H7 heart rate chest belt is popular and compatible with the PM5 performance monitor.

You can pair a compatible chest belt to your PM5 and display your heart rate on the monitor. Compatible chest belts with a heart rate transmitter must use ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart (please note that this protocol is different from Bluetooth).

A pair of blue AfterShokz Aeropex headphones on a white background.

Music-Ready with AfterShokz Aeropex Sport Headphones

Stay connected and train safely with AfterShokz Aeropex Bluetooth Bone Conduction Open-Ear Bluetooth Sport Headphones. Enjoy crystal-clear sound quality with bone conduction technology, while still staying aware of your surroundings. Lightweight and comfortable, these waterproof IP67 headphones are the perfect companion for any workout, lasting up to 8 hours on a single charge. Get ready to experience the ultimate in sound and safety! Select between standard and mini size and colors black, grey, blue, and red. More than 11,300 customer reviews with 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Mine are black and I love them!

USB flash drive memory stick for storing your workouts from the PM5 performance monitor.

USB memory stick for the PM5 performance monitor

On the back of the PM5 performance monitor, you will find an USB port to which you can attach your USB flash drive stick. The PM5 records your workout data, including heart rate (if using a heart rate belt), in its internal memory, and also on the USB stick if attached. I highly recommend this USB stick due to its sturdy construction and its loop hole, which allows you to easily attach it to a key hanger. However, do not attach it with your keys hanging on it, as it can shake loose during use or break the USB port. It would also be a good idea to write your name and contact details on the USB stick if you bring it to the gym, as it is easy to forget in the rowing machine. To initialize your USB flash drive, follow the instructions provided.

How to initialise your USB flash drive:

  1. Connect the USB flash drive to the PM5 USB port.
  2. The PM5 will recognise the USB stick and prompt you to initialise it.
  3. Select ‘Yes’ to initialise the USB flash drive.
  4. The PM5 will then format the USB flash drive and create the necessary files and directories.
  5. Once the formatting is complete, the PM5 will be ready to record your rowing data.
A PVC mat that can protect your flooring when rowing your indoor rowing machine.

Heavy duty slip-resistant mat for the Concept2 RowErg® (Model D) Rowing Machine

This durable, non-slip PVC mat has a size of 3 x 8.5 feet, fitting the Concept2 RowErg® (Model D) indoor rower, which has a footprint of 2 x 8 feet. It is 0.18 inches thick, protecting your floors from scratches, chain oil, and importantly, sweat.

The mat is delivered rolled up in a box, and should not stain light-colored surfaces. It may have a slight odor initially, but it quickly dissipates. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth, and weighs 3.2 kg.

Model 2 2K Fit Rowing Machine Seat Cushion, designed to provide support and comfort while rowing.

You do not a seat cushion to be successful with rowing

Usually, you just have to get used to the standard seat. But if you feel that the seat is too hard during rowing, then a cushion might be a solution for you.

A seat cushion can help to reduce pain in the tailbone area as it provides additional cushioning when rowing. The cushion can help to evenly distribute the body’s weight and reduce the amount of pressure on the tailbone and other pressure points, providing relief from pain and soreness.

This ultra-thick 3-inch memory foam rowing machine pad will keep you comfortable and supported during your workouts. Plus, it straps on securely and comes with a machine washable cover for effortless cleaning.

Personally I do not need a cushion when rowing my Concept2 RowErg rowing machine.

Here is an instructional video about pads for rowing seats.

Lightweight gloves to protect against blisters in your hands when rowing.

Gloves to prevent blisters in your hands

Normally, you do not need gloves to protect your hands from blisters when using your rowing machine; however, if you experience problems with blisters, I would recommend trying this type of glove. It is lightweight and breathable, providing you with a comfortable and tactile grip on the handle. If it does not work for you, you can use it for gardening instead.

Choose from among nine sizes.

Chain oil for indoor rowing machines.

Rowing machine chain oil

This oil is for lubricating the chain of the rowing machine. When you buy a new Concept2 Model D rowing machine, a bottle of chain oil is not included in the standard shipping box. Therefore, you need to purchase this 4-ounce bottle of clear oil for lubricating the chain. You can also use ordinary lubricating oil, but this bottle is very convenient. Be aware that oil-soaked cloth can burst into flames.