USB flash drive and battery life

PM5 compatible heart rate equipment
18th April 2016

USB flash drive and battery life

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I’ve got this clever question from Shannon:

Is it okay to leave the thumb / flash drive in the PM5 always? I’m assuming that when the PM5 goes dark after non-use – the flash drive won’t ”drain” the battery or anything – correct?


Dear Shannon

I can not answer you directly because you did not give me your e-mail address. I am currently investigating your technical question and will post the correct answer, when I have cleared it out. I expect to have an exact answer with in a few days. Happy rowing until then…

Best regards,
Kim 🙂

Today I got this answer for you from Ben Hickory, Customer Service at Concept2:
It is fine to leave the flash drive in the PM5 when not in use. The batteries will not be drained because of leaving the flash drive in the PM5.

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