Tracking your workouts

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18th April 2016
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18th April 2016

Tracking your workouts

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Your training logbook

Your workout results are stored automatically in the memory of the PM5 performance monitor. If you attach a properly formatted USB stick in the USB flash drive port on the back of the monitor during your training, the results are also stored on the USB stick for external use.

The PM5 can store over 1,000 workouts in its internal memory. You access the workout data via the monitors menu system. You can view Summary, Monthly Totals, List by Date and List by Type. The monitor records your Duration, Distance, Stroke Rate, Split Time and Heart Rate (if wireless belt used).

The ErgData is a free IOS and Android app (see ErgData FAQs) that connects to the PM5 performance monitor. The application records your workout data and can upload them to the free Concept2 Online LogBook.

The monitor also have a standard USB port for connecting a computer or phone/tablet. There are third party apps and software available that connects to the PM5.

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