Technical Questions

14th September 2016

USB flash drive and battery life

I’ve got this clever question from Shannon: Is it okay to leave the thumb / flash drive in the PM5 always? I’m assuming that when the […]
18th April 2016

PM5 compatible heart rate equipment

Heart rate is an indicator of your fitness The PM5 performance monitor can display your heart rate during training if used with compatible equipment. It is not necessary […]
18th April 2016

How much noise from the rower?

The noise level should not be a problem for you or your neighbors I think that Concept 2 have not specified noise levels in dB because […]
18th April 2016

Concept 2 Model D and Model E RowErg’s – the differences?

Almost the same but higher On this site I decided to focus solely on the Model D RowErg®, because it is the most popular model. The […]