Buyers Guide to Indoor Rowing

Kim, active indoor rower |

Hi and welcome to my review site – my name is Kim. I assume you are here because you are researching on Indoor Rowers before deciding to buy your own.

Since 2004 I have been a passionated user of the Concept 2 Model D – and I would like to help you by providing some useful information about that specific indoor rowing machine. I have built this site and done the research to gather and organize comprehensive and relevant information for you.

The Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower

The worlds best selling rowing machine

You have probably seen a wide selection of indoor rowing machines with different price tags, resistance principles and build quality. Perhaps you have also seen that the Concept 2 Indoor Rower Model D is the dominating choice in commercial training centres, rowing clubs and at indoor racing events. It is so with a reason. More than 40 years of development and refinements has given a solid proof of trust, quality and durability.

Improving your health

Investing in your health is a wise decision and I wish you all the best with that. No matter your age or training level it is never too late for health improvements. So GO for it and have fun!

What is important for you?

You might have a different approach to what is important for you when making your decisions on which brand and model to buy. I will do my best to give you peace in mind that you make a good choice when deciding to go for the Concept2 Indoor Rower.

If you have never tried the model D indoor rower before – then you should do so firstly. Here you can find a Concept2 Indoor Rower near your location.

Good customer service

For you that already have experienced the quality of Concept2 Indoor Rowers but would like to checkout the credentials of the company, I can tell you that Concept2 is a Better Business Bureau® accredited company since 2005. Their customer support are very responsive to help their users if they have any product related issues or questions.

Buy new or second hand?

If you have decided to go for an Indoor Rower from Concept 2 then your next question is probably should you go for a new or a second hand model?

The list price is around 945 USD for a new – and some hundreds lower for an used one. Popularity is the reason for the relatively high second hand price. This is your proof of a safe investment holding its value.

Should you regret you can always sell again with a minimal loss. Here are a handful of tips on how to buy a used Concept Rower at a crazy low price.


When buying a new Concept 2 rowing machine you will get a limited 2-year and 5-year product warranty. The warranty is fully transferable to subsequent owners. All warranties are covered directly by Concept2  – just call 800-245-5676.

Now let us have a look on the features of the Concept 2 Model D rowing machine.